Kitchen Extensions Covering Wirral and Merseyside

If you need a larger kitchen then Billing & Rowan can help as they are specialists in building extensions. Providing the expertise and building skills needed to provide the extra space but also finish the kitchen to the spec wanted. We have completed kitchen extensions for many people covering from Bebington, Spital, Burton, Puddington, Neston to Heswall, West Kirby, Hoylake and everywhere in-between. Below are examples of past kitchen extensions we have completed for our clients, please look and feel free to get in contact with your own requirements.

Kitchen Extension - Oxton.

The extension in was on an old pre-war property in Oxton Village, the steel work involved was pretty substantial as there was a wide opening and the steel had to support the corner of the house and a big chimney. The windows on this were powder coated aluminium as was the Bi Fold doors. Because the house was built on a older property the base had to be designed by the Structural Engineer with a lot of steel work in the concrete. The end result was a stunning open plan family room.


Kitchen Extension - Childer Thornton.

This was a rear extension we completed in Childer Thornton. This large house period house built for a Victorian Liverpool fruit exporter, was built to such a high standard and the works still in immaculate condition with nearly all the original features still in near perfect condition were a credit to the Victorian tradesmen who built it. Even though it was a very big house the kitchen was not that big to cope with a family with modern living and needed the kitchen enlarging. The owners were very insistent about the extension being in character to the rest of the house they even sourced the Welsh Ruabon red engineering brick from a similar aged property down in Shrewsbury. The pictures dont really do justice to the standard of work our workmen completed.


Kitchen Extension - Bromborough.

This kitchen extension in Bromborough was built in an area with problems with ground conditions, this meant that the foundations were constructed different from a normal extension. A bit more challenging but still the end result makes it worthwhile.


Kitchen Extension - Bebington.

A straight forward kitchen extension to a property in lower Bebington. The internal rooms were altered to create a larger kitchen place.